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Falls Prevention


Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths, unintentional injuries, and hospital admissions for trauma. Falls can take a serious toll on older adults’ quality of life and independence. To recognize this critical issue, at the state level, SJ 47 was passed in Virginia in 2018 declaring the third week of Fall each year as Fall Prevention Awareness Week.


At the heart of this initiative is the message that falls are preventable. During Fall Prevention Awareness Week, the third week of September, Virginia's fall prevention coalitions, health care providers, and senior service agencies held presentations, health fairs, screenings, and workshops to raise awareness among older adults and their families and caregivers, elder care professionals, and the general public about the seriousness of falls and ways to reduce fall risk. 

Falls Prevention Awareness Week!

Marymount has been working towards creating awareness and finding ways to prevent falls in older adults. Marymount’s work towards falls prevention efforts has made an impact on over 4,700 older adults over the past six years.

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