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The Otago Exercise Program

The Otago Exercise Program is an individually-tailored fall prevention program that has been shown to reduce falls by 35% for individuals aged 65 and older.  

The program includes 8 weeks of supervised activities by an Otago-trained instructor with the option to continue activities independently over the course of a year.

The Otago Exercise Program consists of flexibility, strength, and balance exercises, in addition to a walking program for those who are able.  Activities are primarily done in standing. Persons may walk with an assistive device.  

Who Can Benefit From Otago?

Evidence shows the Otago Exercise Program is effective for:

  • Persons age 65 and older who have experienced a decline in function, have impaired muscle strength, or have impaired balance

  • Persons 65 and older who have sustained a fall in the previous year

  • Persons 80 years of age and older

Who Can Lead an Otago Exercise Program?

The Otago Exercise Program can be led by anyone trained in the Otago Exercise Program.  Marymount University offers virtual and in-person training courses that are open to anyone interested in learning about the Otago Exercise Program and assisting older adults in falls prevention programs.

Establishing the Otago Exercise Program in your Community 

We are here to make setting up the Otago Exercise Program at your organization a very straightforward process.  Please contact the Otago Coordinator at Marymount University at

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