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A Matter of Balance Coach

What is the A Matter Balance Program Coach Training Like?

The A Matter of Balance Coach Training is completed during one 8- hour workshop. This training will instruct and certify coaches in leading the “A Matter of Balance” program at their organization or within their communities. Coaches will learn to conduct eight, 2-hour sessions designed to emphasize practical coping strategies for reducing the fear of falling in participants. Attendees will be ready to establish and lead a MOB class upon successful completion of the training. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to learn and practice the light exercises that are a component of the A Matter of Balance program.

Who Can Attend this Training?

The A Matter of Balance Coach Training workshop is intended for individuals who plan to lead A Matter of Balance class at their organization or in their community. It is open to all who have a desire to work with older adults and improve their lives through reducing falls risk, including organization staff and volunteers.

What is Included in this Training?

A Matter of Balance Coach Training workshops are eight hours in length. Each participant will receive a training manual binder and a flash-drive full of useful A Matter of Balance material. Upon completion of the training, A Matter of Balance coaches will benefit from having access to Master Trainers who can answer questions and provide guidance. Additionally, A Matter of Balance coaches will become part of our RTO support network and will benefit from the many resources offered such as refresher courses, annual training updates and professional networking.


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