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Otago Training

Marymount University now offers virtual and in-person OTAGO Exercise Program (OEP) training tailored to your organization.

What is the OEP Training Like?

An Otago Coordinator and licensed Physical Therapist will provide an overview of the Otago Exercise Program including program prescription and progression across a variety of settings. Case-based application is included to enhance understanding of OEP prescription and progression as well as support in establishing community-based OEP programs. The course can be individualized to program-specific needs.  The training provides access to all publicly available resources including the Otago Exercise Program Manual.

What are the sample Course Objectives of the Otago Exercise Program Training?

Upon successful completion of the Otago Exercise Program online course, participants will be able to:

  1. Examine the role of evidence-based health promotion programs in clinical falls risk management

  2. Review the rationale behind Otago

  3. Describe the differences between Otago, and other evidence-based fall prevention programs.

  4. Demonstrate prescription and progression of the Otago Exercise Program

Who Can Attend this Training?

The Otago Exercise Program Training course provided by Marymount University can be specifically tailored to the organization.   While other training programs are specifically designed to train Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants in OEP, the courses provided by Marymount University are open to anyone interested in learning about the Otago Exercise Program and assisting older adults through the program including, but not limited to nurses, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, administrators, aides, personal trainers, and fitness instructors.

To Learn More About OEP Training, Please Email

There is also a $50 self-paced online Otago training module for available at the following site:

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